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Bush Foundation

St Paul, MN

31 Survey Respondents

" Only apply if you can demonstrate (within tight application character limits) that the process by which you've identified a community issue has ac... "

(416) 391-9839

(972) 607-3945

Palo Alto, CA

31 Survey Respondents

" Lead person is smart, engaged, kind and insightful. Generous with her time and ideas.... "

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Saint Paul, MN

29 Survey Respondents

" Our experience has been that Otto Bremer wishes to build a relationships with their grantees. This grant took more than a year of meetings, calls, rep... "

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Kendeda Fund

Wilmington, DE

27 Survey Respondents

" The Kendeda Fund is an exemplary funder. Accessible, flexible and generous. We had a great field tour with several Kendeda Fund members, and this hel... "

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Washington, DC

26 Survey Respondents

" It's good to just be honest and lay out the problem you are facing in the most simple and logical way possible. The ORA team is in a better positi... "


Colocation America

Las Vegas, NV

25 Survey Respondents

" It's great to call prior and get a sense of what they are looking for. They're very receptive. In your application, be as clear as possible ab... "

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Minneapolis, MN

25 Survey Respondents

" They are not very responsive. Another funder suggested we contact them to see if they were interested in ideas that seemed consistent with their guid... "

(715) 335-9706


Los Angeles, CA

23 Survey Respondents

" It is easy to get a meeting however, they are very specific about what they are funding. Their properties on their website did not match what they are... "
(207) 466-1423

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San Antonio, TX

4 Survey Respondents

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W K Kellogg Foundation

Battle Creek, MI

2 Survey Respondents

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flitch girder

Somerville, MA

4 Survey Respondents


Collins Foundation

Portland, OR

2 Survey Respondents

(716) 748-9561


GrantAdvisor crowdsources grantmaker information for nonprofits seeking funding from U.S. sources. Designed to encourage more productive philanthropy and facilitate open dialogue, GrantAdvisor allows anyone in the nonprofit community to anonymously share their first-hand experiences working with funders through authentic, real-time reviews and comments.

Data on funders is posted publicly after they have received 5 reviews. At that point, foundations can post responses to the reviews. The funders with the most reviews are featured above. Click Funder Profiles to see the full list of funders live on the site.

GrantAdvisor launched in June of 2017, and we are targeting California and Minnesota for marketing, but we encourage everyone to write reviews, regardless of location. We’re hoping to expand to new partners and regions in 2018.

Bruce Sievers

GrantAdvisor is a brilliant combination of an advice source for grantseekers and a feedback loop to foundations, which has been a missing link in the modern history of philanthropy.

Bruce Sievers Former Executive Director of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund